Civil Suits Against Law Enforcement


Suing for Police Brutality

Massachusetts municipal and State Police officers can be overly aggressive in making arrests and, at times, unnecessarily violent in response to imagined threats and minor “challenges” to their authority. In pursuit of their objectives, they may disregard our rights, deliberately violate our privacy, and maliciously destroy our possessions. While police officers deserve recognition for the good they perform in carrying out their responsibilities, they must be held strictly accountable when they brutalize us, falsify their reports, and plant evidence. Retain a Boston police brutality attorney to pursue justice for you.

Being victimized by a police officer can be a disheartening, dehumanizing and frustrating experience. It can leave you feeling powerless, as if your rights as an individual are of little consequence. Unfortunately, those in positions of authority, such as our judiciary, do little to reign in law enforcement. As a result, recalcitrant members of our police departments are indifferent, if not outright hostile, to our civil rights. Though the system may seem determinedly uninterested in the plight of citizens victimized by the police, you do matter.

The Mahoney Criminal Defense Group represents those who have been victimized by rogue police officers. With his experience as a criminal defense attorney, an Assistant District Attorney for the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office, and member of Lecomte, Emanuelson, Tick & Doyle, Attorney Mahoney has developed an expertise at spotting and exposing police perjury, unearthing and punishing law enforcement corruption, and winning impressive verdicts. He is also the author Relentless Criminal Cross-Examination, the fastest selling book in the history of James Publishing.

Attorney Kevin J. Mahoney has successfully represented several individuals in Civil Suits Against Law Enforcement/Police.